December 5, 2016 by Susan
The Never-Failing Path to Your Financial Peace

Do you know that if you struggle with money . . . that you’re out of God’s will? I don’t mean that your purposefully sinning. What I do hope you can come to understand is that your Father wants you to have financial security! And He wants to be the One to provide that security. 

Learn how to activate your faith and tap into the powerful blessings that Jesus made possible when He defeated the enemy. Discover the inheritance that is yours. And learn how to have everything you need to live a prosperous, secure, and peaceful life. Not as the world gives it, but as our faith Lord provides. 

IMPORTANT TEACHING POINTS you don’t want to miss . . .
  • As a child of God you have rights and privileges. You also have an inheritance. Discover how to access what is already yours be using your faith and putting your trust in God and His Word. 
  • Break out of the pain, stress, and turmoil that financial challenges throw at you! Leave that all behind and walk into the bright future your Lord wants you to have. 

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This course is not available at this time. However it will open again in 2018. Use the link below to join the waiting list.