August 13, 2017 by Susan Gregory
Discover the Key to Real Faith

Do you ever feel like you’re looking for the needle in the haystack for your faith? Are you perplexed because your prayers aren’t answered? Do you feel like God is away in a far-off place and you struggle to connect with Him? 

This lesson may be one of the most profound in your life if you can really get the truth about real faith. And believe me, it’s probably not what you think! The key I show you can totally transform your life if you’ll grasp it. Use it. And walk in the presence of Christ, just like He commands us to do. 

IMPORTANT TEACHING POINTS you don’t want to miss . . .
  • Living in faith – living a faith-driven life – is much easier than you may realize. One change you can make today can change your future forever.
  • Your Father is calling you! Please don’t take that truth lightly. Think about it. The Creator of everything is calling you to live His way to He can care for you, bless you, and love you more than you can ever imagine. 
  • As you live according to God’s ways, you bring Him glory . . . and your express His glory so others can be drawn to His truth and a life in Christ. 

Take Action

What will you do? Will you begin today to take some steps so your foundation becomes God’s way for your life? The choice is yours. Do you sense that He’s calling you to a different way of being? Answer Him and walk in the Spirit, on His Path, and bring glory to Him and joy to you and those you love.