July 27, 2017 by Susan Gregory
Your Questions Answered

We receive hundreds of email messages each week with words of appreciation, prayer requests, and questions. I occasionally create a single video message to respond to the frequently asked questions so that all can be blessed and learn!

IMPORTANT TEACHING POINTS you don’t want to miss . . .
  • Accept God’s Word as truth, even if you don’t understand it completely. Ask the Lord for wisdom and to reveal to you the deeper insights so you can grow and get stronger in your faith.¬†
  • One of the most significant changes you can make in your life is dying to self. Learn more about how to crucify the flesh so you can life in the Spirit!

Take Action

What will you do? Will you begin today to take some steps so your foundation becomes God’s way for your life? The choice is yours. Do you sense that He’s calling you to a different way of being? Answer Him and walk in the Spirit, on His Path, and bring glory to Him and joy to you and those you love.¬†