Discover the power of small, consistent, daily steps that will lead you into

revelations with God and priceless blessings.

Starting October 1st

My Season of Renewal

You are invited to experience a 31-day transformation as you step into a deeper experience with God and learn from Him. Each day you will receive a message inviting you to discover more about yourself, your Lord, and your life with and in Him.

In My Season for Renewal you’ll discover:

  • How to transfer your “citizenship” to the kingdom of God so you can live by faith and not by sight.
  • You’ll learn how to develop your faith so you can follow Christ’s command to ask, believe, and then receive.
  • You’ll discover how to quiet your mind and boldly enter your Father’s throne room and hear from Him about your life.
  • You’ll gain a greater understanding of what it really means to crucify your flesh so Christ can fill your heart with His power and love.
  • You’ll start to develop new habits that soon will become your new life in Christ.
  • You’ll also have accountability as you participate with others on the same 31-day journey with you.
  • And you will hear from the only one who truly knows you because He was to one who created and formed you in the very beginning.

Susan Gregory is the founder of Faith Driven Life and she’s passionate about helping followers of Christ to step into the full measure of their blessing. One of her goals is to inspire, motivate, and teach thousands of women and men to become “Bright Stars” who will live amazingly successful lives and be glistening lights in the darkening world we live in today. One of her most important teachings is about the Kingdom of God, a new citizenship that when more fully realized can revolutionize the life of believers and transform their prayer life, their faith, and their witness to the world. Susan is also the author of many books about The Daniel Fast, including The Daniel Fast: feed your soul, strengthen your spirit, and renew your body, which is the bestselling book about this powerful method of spiritual fasting.

Your Season of Renewal Begins October 1st

I can’t even put into words the way God has touched my life since I’ve learned to become a citizen of His kingdom. I spent more than 25 years of my Christian life not knowing the amazing experiences I could have with my Father. My life is forever changed and I thank God for leading me to Susan and Faith Driven Life. Susan opened the doors of understanding and prompted me to walk in the Spirit each day. 

Carolyn H.

The light of Christ has beamed brightly into my heart and soul because of what I’ve learned with Susan as one of my star teachers. God has clearly gifted Susan as a teacher and I know she’s helping equip His people to be more like Him and reach those who don’t yet know His love. I am so very thankful to God for what He has done in my life. And I also thank Him for leading me to Susan and Faith Driven Life. 

James B.

I’ll be bold! Listen. Learn. Take action. Be renewed. For sure God is working in this powerful ministry and I am so very thankful He led me here. First through Susan leading me during the Daniel Fast, and then beyond through her teachings. I finally plugged into the unseen places of our faith. And I am so very thankful. I now trust God in a way I never thought possible. He is so very good and I am forever thankful for this journey in faith.

Sarah V.