The Just Shall Live By Faith

You want a faith that is strong, freedom in life, and overflowing joy.

As followers of Jesus Christ, you have special privileges, benefits, and power to use in your life. However, if you are like most members of the Church today, you aren’t using them. Why? Most likely because you haven’t been taught about your rights as a child of the Most High God. Or perhaps you don’t know how to tap into the power that Jesus gained for you when He died on the cross and was raised from the dead. Consequently, your life isn’t nearly as robust, joyful, accomplished or amazing as it can be. More…

“AFTER WORKING WITH SUSAN, MY LIFE HAS GONE FROM CHAOS AND CONFUSION TO HOPE AND JOY! I didn’t realize, that even though I had been a Christian for decades, that I was living a very carnal life. I’m not saying a sinful life. But I was depending on myself and my own abilities, rather than on God. But when I started developing a faith-driven life using Susan’s teachings and courses, I experienced a shift. It came from the inside and then showed up in my actions and choices. I haven’t fully arrived to the life I want, but I have left the station and my journey toward a truly faith-driven life has begun. Joy, peace, and confidence are the results and I”m getting better and stronger each and every day!

Sandra S., Michigan

How to Develop Your Faith-Driven Life

Short Courses

Engage using one of our short courses to bring about change in your life by tapping into God’s grace with your faith. More… 

Group Coaching

Join our group coaching program to receive a continual flow of God’s Word and practical teachings that will change your life More… 

The Community

Become a Faith Driven Life enthusiast and join our community of believers who love Jesus and want to share Him with others More… 

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