Discover God’s Purpose for Your Life

by | Apr 3, 2019

I have been teaching men, women, teens, and children about Jesus for more than 30 years. And as you may know over the last seven years I have taught hundreds of thousands of people about the Daniel Fast and how to integrate their faith into every part of their lives.

One thing I have learned is that people from every age group and every walk of life are hungry for more of God in their lives. And while it may seem for many that though we are surrounded by people and activities all the time, there’s still deep loneliness when it comes to faith.

People need and long for someone to come alongside and offer a helping hand to guide them along a path that will lead them into a deeper and more satisfying relationship with God. People want a life of faith that is present in their lives every day . . . instead of an occasional visitor.

My response to this need is an eight-week, interactive online course that will lead you into a lifestyle of faith that can change your life forever. It is eight weeks because you can’t develop a deep faith overnight. And faith requires consistency and a process that truly can renew your mind so you can experience the transformation you want and that the Lord wants for you.

I know without a doubt that our Lord needs you and me to be powerful examples of what living a Christian life offers. He also wants you to be in faith rather than fear . . . full of peace rather than worry or strife.

Too many Christians are living under huge burdens of financial stress, broken relationships, serious health issues and an overall feeling of being overwhelmed with life. That isn’t the Kingdom of God life that Jesus died on the cross to give us! So many are living below our standings as children of the Most High God, joint heirs with Jesus, God’s special people . . . His chosen people.

God is not holding back the blessings! Instead, we are not going for the life we can have. I don’t think it’s out of rebellion or stubbornness. But instead out of confusion and not knowing what to do to develop the kind of unmovable faith that the Bible says we can have.

Sure, it would be great if we could all go away for a three or four-week retreat in the mountains or in a remote place near the ocean. But we all have lives we need to live and commitments we need to fulfill. So that’s why I designed Discovery, Faith and Transformation to be a “monastery in the middle of your everyday life.” A place where you can go and quiet yourself and feed your soul with the food it so desperately needs.